Garma Festival


FAQS Garma 2014

What is Yolngu protocol?

When are tickets available to the public?

Is the Key Forum at the same place as Garma? Can I attend?

If I attend the Key Forum will I miss out on the Yolngu Cultural Activities Program?

Do I need a permit to enter Aboriginal land?

What disabled access is available at the site?

How much are tickets? What does the ticket price include?

What happens when we fly in? How do we get to Gulkula site? Do we need a car?

What happens on arrival at Gulkula?

Where to stay?

Are there ATM facilities at Garma?

What is the difference between a normal and a corporate booking?

Can I bring my children to Garma?

Will I have phone reception at the Garma site?

I am staying offsite and only attending Garma for 2 days, can I have a discount?

What is the cancellation policy?

Will I be able to pay for my tickets over a period of time instead of upfront?

Can I take photographs at Garma?

Can I post my photos on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram?

What is the climate like during Garma?

What local wildlife should I be aware of?

What Medical First Aid will be available if required?

Will I be able to do laundry whilst at Garma?

How can I learn more about Yolngu languages and culture?

Friday 3 - Monday 6 August

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