Garma 2018 Program Booklet Available

29 June 2018

The Yothu Yindi Foundation is pleased to present you with the official 20th anniversary edition of the Garma Program Booklet.

Found online here, the Program Booklet is the comprehensive guide for guests travelling to Arnhem Land for this year’s special event.

YYF CEO Denise Bowden said the Program Booklet contained the schedules for the Key Forum discussions, the Youth Forum activities, the line-up for the nightly musical stage, artist biographies, and all the cultural activities and workshops taking place at Gulkula throughout the four days.

“It’s a busy program, but we’ve also ensured there’s time for people to mingle and connect with Yolngu families from the local community,” Mrs Bowden said.

“As we celebrate Garma’s 20th anniversary, we want to thank all of our friends and supporters for travelling to Arnhem Land for this memorable occasion.

“It’s a fantastic milestone for YYF and we’re delighted to share it with you. We will continue to push the boundaries while staying true to Garma’s origins as a grassroots community event.

“In keeping with YYF’s strong focus on the importance of education, the first day of Garma – Friday 3 August - will again be devoted to an Education Forum, with our youth participating in an outdoor Yolngu cultural curriculum. “There have been some important developments in education in the local community, and we’re excited to share news of these initiatives with our guests.”

Mrs Bowden said the Program Booklet also contained a wealth of interesting information for those not able to attend this year’s event.

“People can read about the cultural significance of the Gulkula site, learn the political history of the region and the vital role Yolngu leaders played in the fight for land rights, and gain insight into the importance of the nightly bunggul (dance).

“There’s also an introduction to Yolngu Matha for those wanting to learn the basics of the local language ahead of this year’s event.”

Garma 2018 will take place between 3-6 August at Gulkula, in northeast Arnhem Land. Tickets for this year’s event have now sold out.


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