Garma Institute Update

12 February 2014

We are pleased the Minister for Indigenous Affairs Nigel Scullion has committed federal funding of $3 million for the building of the Garma Cultural Knowledge Centre.  The design of the building will form the shape of an anchor, and it will be extended out over the Dhupuma escarpment affording spectacular views of the Gulf of Carpentaria.  The main feature of the cultural centre would be an aesthetically spectacular enclosed auditorium, designed to hold up to 150 people. The Knowledge Centre will act as a central meeting place for Yolngu clans when they chose to gather to discuss the future of the NE Arnhem region. A wing of the building would wind along the escarpment for the display and showcasing of high Yolngu culture providing the public important key stories and narratives of Yolngu history; the famous events; and the vision for the future.  An additional teaching room and office space  has been identified for higher education courses and modules which will be taught on the Gulkula site.  The Knowledge Centre will also be the administrative centre for the adult education and training that will take place through the longer term establishment of the Garma Institute.  The Yothu Yindi Foundation is planning the official opening of the Knowledge Centre on the 1st August this year to coincide with Garma.

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