Checklist: How to Prepare for Garma!

13 June 2014

Garma is a truly unique event, whereby guests are invited onto Aboriginal  land and offered an invaluable glimpse into the Yolngu way of life. Guests often remark their experience at Garma is among their life's highlights so far!  Taking the time to prepare is compulsory to ensure all attendees take home a positive Garma experience.
  • Read the Garma Guide. Are you familiar with Yolngu cultural protocol? Do you know what to pack? Did you know that Garma has a strict photography policy in place?  All of this information plus much, much more is conveniently packaged together in the Garma Guide. Download the PDF 
  • Log your flights on the website. Access your members area here . Once logged in, click on the My Orders >View Orders tab. Enter your flight details into the form, being sure to tick the  appropriate box if you require a shuttle bus service to and from Gove airport. This important step enables YYF to keep track of how many people are onsite, and how many buses to send to the airport. We would hate for anyone to miss their ride home!
  • Read the Terms and Conditions. These are included in the Garma guide, but so important that we think  it deserves a special mention. Our terms include key details such as the permit system  that allows guests to enter Aboriginal land, the deed of agreement to record at Garma, cancellation policy and cultural intellectual property protection. Click for Terrms and Conditions. It is a condition of entry to Garma that all guests comply with the terms and conditions
  • Register! Registrations to attend Garma close 11 July. Every year we are flooded with late registrants, some of whom receive the disappointing news they're too late. We strongly urge for guests to register early and avoid a last minute let down! (Tip- ticket allocation may be  exhausted before 11 July)

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