Yothu Yindi Foundations Refreshed New Website

14 April 2016

YYF has a flashy new website, and we're super thrilled with the results. Thanks to our creative team we're now able to interweave some Arnhem Land countryside feel into our online representation. Djalkari (footprints) in the sand, and the baru, (crocodile) feature prominently on our homepage. Clean lines, and colour have introduced a fresh new impact upon the website and we hope you like the spectacular images depicting our local faces that we'll be adding to the website over time. We are calling on our friends to help us display how many people have attended Garma, or have been affected by Garma in some way. By Pledging your support of YYF and Garma, we are hoping to achieve three outcomes 1. Indicate the footprint that Garma has made across our nation. 2. Sharing of your stories and images during your time at Garma. 3. Relaying the importance of Garma in todays Indigenous Affairs environment. We encourage you to add your name and stories to the Pledge Your Support campaign, and perhaps even prompt those around you in your network that would be interested also. Here's the link: http://www.yyf.com.au/forms/pledge/

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