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The Yothu Yindi Foundation is focusing on two major programs as the key vehicles to achieving its objectives. These programs underpin the maintenance and sustainable improvement of the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of Yolngu and other Indigenous Australians.

Education Hub (Cultural Knowledge and Garma Institute)

Aim: Developing individuals and communities through education, training and enterprise.

Description: Currently, the Garma Institute forms a crucial part of Garma through formal presentations (e.g. Key Forum and Youth Forum) and informal communications, discussions and networking. Moving forward, Yothu Yindi Foundation will create a broader Education Hub, providing 3 core groups of activities:

  • Phase 1: Garma Institute - a culturally focused ‘bush university’ with conference, tourism and community facilities and learning in partnership with a tertiary education institute.
  • Phase 2: Dhupuma College - school support and coordination – co-curricular, boarding and transitional schooling support;
  • Phase 3: Dhupuma College - VET and adult pathways – vocational and foundation training, job placement, coordination of regional youth opportunities; and

The annual Garma Festival of Traditional Culture

Aim: Reconciliation, education and understanding through sharing of culture and traditional practice; promoting and highlighting Yolngu culture, and creating economic opportunities beneficial to northeast Arnhem Land.

Description: This is Australia’s leading Indigenous cultural exchange event and a national hub for major forums with discussion, policy and action formulation, and bringing together Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through youth forums, art gallery, music, film, song, dance and expo exhibitions.

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Australia’s leading Indigenous cultural exchange event

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