Garma Festival

Yirrmal and the Yolngu Boys

 New gen artists ‘Yirrmal and the Yolngu Boys’ come from the communities of Yirrkala, Gapuwiyak and Elcho Island. Yirrmal Marika is an aspiring songwriter and guitarist with a beautiful voice; singing songs about his homeland and culture with feeling and depth beyond his years. The Yolngu Boys - Dion and Jerol Wunungmurra, Mabo Mununggurritj and Raven Marika have great knowledge of ceremonial “Manikay” songs, and are excellent singers, dancers and didgeridoo players. They are making a refreshing entrance into the music scene with their blend of traditional ceremonial songs and pop music.
"We're living in two worlds, learning in two worlds, carrying a message, a sharing of culture. We're exploring new horizons with our sound, mixing western styles with our traditional song, adding a new dimension to music. We aim to set an example for Indigenous youth, and to be being strong, positive role models for the young generation." Yirrmal States.


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Friday 3 - Monday 6 August

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